Carolina Pelayo

Yoga  helped me find purpose in my life and helped me rediscover myself. yoga saved myself.

I knew I had the power to create my life, but I didn’t know how. It wasn’t until I began to actively take action moving from the power of the thought to the power of action that my life began to change.  I can’t explain how yoga transforms a life, it just happens. If we become vulnerable to the practice,


Yoga will transform the physical body,  it will open the heart, and expand the awareness. yoga has taught me to accept myself; and through the accepting there is allowance; and through allowance there is freedom.


We all want to live in a state of joy, unconditional love, and peace. The problem is we resist the experience of struggle and what I have learned to call opportunity. Physical and emotion pains want to be experienced and deeply felt so they can move through.Just come as you are. 


Every day is a different day on the mat, and that’s what makes it a journey.  Without sadness or discomfort how could we understand the essence of joy.  We are here in this dimension to experience; and I think yoga provides the gift of helping us connect with our bodies, our emotions, and our timeless and limitless essence.

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