Danee Freda

Danee Freda started her movement career as a young girl for her love of dance. Coming to Los Angeles was certainly a dream and although she has been in the dance community, it was yoga that really gave her the confidence to move even more successful in her dance career.


She found yoga at a time when she was depressed, unsure of what to continue to do in her life. She started to take yoga classes at the Yoga NoHo Center in 2017, and started as a Karmi yogi, taking class everyday and studying intensively with senior teachers. She noticed that she completely transformed into a more confident clear minded person and soon was honored a full scholarship for the certified 200 hour yoga teacher training with the Yoga NoHo Center.

Since Danee had her background as a professional dancer it was easy for her to shine within the training and soon after she was teaching her very inspiring yoga classes. She continues to teach yoga and through her confidence from her yoga practice and teaching she is now super busy as a choreographer in Los Angeles. She loves sharing the gift of yoga with her students to empower every aspect of their life. 

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