Kristin Carmella

Kristin Carmella is from Pittsburgh PA and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career. She started her love for movement, health and wellbeing at a young age through dance and sports. She wanted to stay active while taking acting and dance classes but felt like she needed a sense of community. She soon found the Yoga NoHo Center and was drawn to the teachers, students and started to work at the center as a karmi yogi.

She found herself wanting to take more and more yoga classes and soon felt of shift of calmness in the mist of sometimes a chaotic La lifestyle.


It was then that she inquired about the yoga teacher training at the center. She new that the center had over twenty years experience and even if she didn't become a teacher, she just felt that the transformation from just taking class she couldn't ignore and wanted to deepen her practice. 

After receiving her teaching certificate, she was thrilled to be asked to teach at the center and enjoys helping students from all walks of life become the best that they can be through a yogic lifestyle. 

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