Abbie Britton,
M.A. Yoga Science & Philosophy

If you can execute a perfect hand stand but are still a jerk, who cares? 

Breathe, align, explore, find freedom from suffering, enjoy all that is and be the best human possible today. This is the practice.

Expect anything in Abbie’s class, which is always suitable for where ever you are in your practice, even if you have no clue where that is. Abbie is a yoga & Sanskrit scholar, yoga junkie and is always fun and funny. She’s a skeptic, scientist and right there with you.  Classes are safe and veteran and GREAT for anyone who is broken in anyway. Aren’t we all. Happy with her double hip replacements she knows how to get you out of pain.

So far, her favorite adventure has been studying the application of yoga to medical conditions at the Mahatma Gandhi University & Hospital in Puducherry, India under the tutelage of Dr. Ananda Bhavanani. son of Guru Gitananda and director of International Center for Yoga Education and Research.  Abbie teaches a variety of types of embodied Hatha Yoga from the Anusara, Krishnamacharya, Gosh lineages and therapeutic Yin Yoga out of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.  She is the founder and master instructor of 11th Step Yoga, a 12 Step meeting with a yoga format which has been serving the recovery community for over 13 years nationally—thanks to Anthony Benenati, her primary teacher and original host of 11SY at City Yoga.  


Michael Rush / Retired Entrepreneur

I am a mother of two very active young boys and it was time for some me time. My friend recommended the Yoga NoHo Center because they offer both the new hot infrared classes and traditional yoga classes. I was brand new to yoga and they suggested to take at least one private lesson. I actually bought their 4 pack and I am glad I did because Karen actually took extra time with me, even after my four lessons and guided me through the first few months of taking public classes. Now one year later, I can't believe how much my life has changed for the absolute better. Thank you to all the teachers at the Yoga NoHo Center!

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