Hannah Rodriguez

Yoga very first found Hannah during her freshman year of college at the University of Colorado while studying to become a counselor. As her days became busier with studying and focusing on school she lost touch with her consistency of practicing yoga. Little did she know that yoga would come back into her life when she desperately needed healing. After graduate school, Hannah learned very quickly that yoga was the best way for her to decompress from “the real world.” Although Colorado will always be her first home, yoga inspired Hannah to take a leap of faith and move to Los Angeles to immerse herself in a new creative environment. 

As a Nationally Certified Counselor, Hannah now incorporates her passion for mental health into her yoga practice and looks to share the mind-body healing properties that yoga brings to students. In Hannah’s class, you will find yourself in a safe space to come as you are, and trust in the process that yoga will bring you what you need. She teaches a Vinyasa Flow filled with compassion and love, while also bringing you into the present moment as you build strength and balance in your body. Her intention is to help bring you closer to your best self through the lessons that yoga can bring. Hannah can’t wait to meet you in class and share in this amazing journey of yoga and self-care.


I have always wanted to try yoga but never had the time and also didn't feel confident to walk into a yoga studio. A friend told me about the Yoga NoHo Center and suggested I try their four pack of private lessons. Wow, this changed my life. They not only deepen my physical yoga practice, but I learned how to breath, meditate and now I am going for the complete Super You 30 Day Detox. 

David White / Lawyer / CEO 

I am a mother of two very active young boys and it was time for some me time. My friend recommended the Yoga NoHo Center because they offer both the new hot infrared classes and traditional yoga classes. I was brand new to yoga and they suggested to take at least one private lesson. I actually bought their 4 pack and I am glad I did because Karen actually took extra time with me, even after my four lessons and guided me through the first few months of taking public classes. Now one year later, I can't believe how much my life has changed for the absolute better. Thank you to all the teachers at the Yoga NoHo Center!

Janet Wright / Stay Home Mom

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