At around 20 years old I started to have severe lower back pain that prevented me from being able to sleep for more than an hour at a time without the help of alcohol and lots of ibuprofen. The pain spread all the way up to my neck and doctors couldn’t figure out what it was. I suffered til I was around 34 years old and tried many remedies to no avail. Finally, a smart doctor ran some blood tests and I was diagnosed with ankylosing.


Spondylitis is a type of arthritis that affects the joints of the spine causing them to fuse together. Right around this time a couple of friends had mentioned yoga to me and after not being able to put my shoes on one morning due to the stiffness in my back, I decided to finally give it a try.


Thank God I did because the practice of yoga asanas has restored my health and improved my life dramatically... With intense gratitude I continue to become a better person every day through my practice! 

I enjoy teaching all levels and knowing my students empower themselves through yoga. I am super excited to be on the Yoga NoHo Center's teacher training team this fall. 



Jason T Walters