Karen Russell

Name:  Karen Russell (E-RYT 500, YACEP)

Hometown: Erie, PA

Bio: Karen Russell started her movement career at the age of six in Erie, Pennsylvania. By the time she was in her early twenties she performed professionally on stage, in feature films and on television. She has worked with legends such as; Michael Jackson, Madonna, Bette Midler, Kenny Chesney and Alice Cooper. Karen started her passion for yoga in 1997 while studying Iyengar in NYC, but it was a dance injury in 2000 that guided her to a professional yoga career. She enhanced her knowledge of yoga while studying with top yoga professionals. Since 2005, Karen has been an active teacher, producer, community outreach representative, ambassador for Lululemon, CEO and owner of the Yoga Groove Studio. She contributed her business, management and creative skills for several successful companies (Corepower Yoga, Naam Yoga La, Tantris Yoga and Retail Center, Mandala Center, and Industry Venice) and is excited to be co-owner of the Yoga NoHo Center with Michelle Mirkovich (long time professional dance friend). Enjoy Karen’s 200 hour Teacher Training course, Restorative Immersions course, Yoga Groove DVD, Yoga Groove Meditation CD, Yoga Groove Conscious Tone and Fit Barre method, and soon available the Masters of India (which was shot in southern India during her guided retreat) collection. Karen looks forward to many adventures with Michelle and the Yoga NoHo Center, as they continue to collaborate with like- minded individuals as to enhance the lives of others to live to their fullest potential. Live, Love and Inspire Others.

Specialization: I love to work with beginners that are open to all possibilities. The transformation is the gift that I feel is the only reason to teach. I personally love to mix my teaching experience up. There are days I love teaching a Vinyasa flow class and then there are times I just want to lay on the floor and inspire the students with restorative. The common thread with all my classes is cultivating a breath connection to support alignment, and then just let it go. 

Astrological Sign: Aries

Playlist Favorites: A variety of artist from Krishna Das, World, Electronica, Classic Rock to no music at all (just the breath).

Hobbies/Passions: My two boys (being the best mom I can be), creating community through events to grow the Yoga NoHo Center, and launching a healthy lifestyle TV show.

What was your path to yoga OR what has yoga brought to your life? I first tried yoga while I was on tour dancing, but it was a dance injury that forced me to take more classes (I never thought I would love it so much),  which healed my body and then one day something just clicked. OMG and so I think it is the best gift to give and the best business to be in.

Favorite pose: Malasana ( I feel like I am connected to the mama earth)

What are 3 adjectives to describe you? Optimistic, Driven, Loyal



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