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Holistic Healing & Spiritual Counseling

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Stress, Deficiency and Toxicity are the three main underlying causes to all health concerns physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Now more than ever we need to practice self care and get to the core of all issues! Spiritual Psychology Master and Healer Tawni Sands will guide you through these issues and lead you to a happy and healthy life... you deserve it. When you work with Ms Sands, you will discover exactly what your unique body is communicating to you. 

Tawni Sands
Holistic Healing Counselor 
What Does a Wholisthic Exam Entail?

The Benefit of a Wholistic Subtle Energy Examination

Prevention through early detection in the electrical field

Tracing and Healing known Problems at a casual level


  • Your body is in balance. (The Healing State)

  • You are doing what is necessary to keep the balance.

  • You have a Healing Plan based on what Your Body says it Needs to be well

  • You have a Program designed for your Unique Optimal Well-Being. Discover What Priority your Body Needs for Optimal Well-Being.

What does Priority Testing Address in a Wholistic Session

  • Trace Symptoms to their Electrical Weakness and Strengthen them

  • Identify and Mature Beliefs Creating your Experience

Mature Emotional Body

  • Correct Emotional Imbalances to Present Time

  • Clear any stored Generational Emotional Traits

  • Release Stored Energy that isn't Serving Your Optimal Well-being

  • Discover Basic Body Needs that is specific to your Unique Body

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Tawni Sands M. A.
Holistic Healing Counselor
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