Nikki Wells

Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand

Training: 200-hour RYT at Yoga NoHo

Specialization: Gentle flow, Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Office yoga

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Playlist Favorites: (All instrumental) "Tomorrow's Song" and "2017" (Olafur Arnalds); "Night After Sidewalk" (Kaki King); "Reflections" (Sona Jobarteh); "III" (Benn Jordan); "Opening" (Essie Jain); "30210" (Antonymes)
Hobbies/Passions: Mostly anything about yoga (personal practice, teaching practice, online research, reading, sequencing, classroom script, etc.). I also enjoy traveling; I meet up with my brothers and cousins in different countries. In my spare time, I like to design marketing materials, edit photos and playlists for classes.

What has yoga brought to you life?: Curiosity brought me to yoga. Many years ago, I remember peeking through a glass windown at a gym yoga class thinking I should give it a try. Immediately after my first class, I noticed that I felt better, physically and mentally. I started taking a couple of evening classes every week. I was working 60 hours a week back then. My work life was out of balance; I was always anxious and under stress. I had a successful career, but I was not happy and felt like something was missing. Through regular practice, yoga has given me physical and mental strength, confidence, awareness, and greater self-acceptance. I have learned to be present and mindful on and off the mat. Yoga has brought to my life inner peace, gentleness, and an overall sense of well-being.

Favorite pose: Headstand. Because I have learned to trust myself and believe in my ability. A total game-changer pose for me. Practicing headstand variations requires all of my focus, and I love to exhale when I am upside down.

A few adjectives to describe you: strong, passionate, kind