Niki Marre

​Hometown: Provo, UT

Training: 200-hour at Sculpt Fusion Yoga, San Diego; 100-hour advanced teacher training at Sculpt Fusion Yoga; Nutrition/Ayurveda certification

Specialization: Vinyasa

Astrological Sign: Cancer sun, Aquarius moon, Scorpio rising

Playlist Favorites: Tyco, Thievery Corporation, Bon Iver, MC Yogi, Helios, Gramatik, Bombay Club Orchestra, too many to list...

Hobbies/Passions: yoga/health/wellness, interior design, graphic design, fashion, reading, writing, travel

What was your path to yoga?: I discovered yoga as a method for healing after 21 years of ballet dancing. Shortly thereafter I felt a deeper meaning in the practice and joined a teacher training program to immerse myself in study. Yoga has brought me a sense of spirituality I can connect with daily through asana and mindfulness. It also brought me a sense of vitality I never knew was possible. My joy is to share this with others.

Favorite pose: I love them all! If I was forced to pick 5-- titibasana (firefly), visvamitrasana (flying compass), astavakrasana (crooked crow), halasana (plow), savasana (corpse)

A few adjectives to describe you: playful, loving, adventurous