Maxine Sands

Maxine Sands, who also goes by the name Max, has an amazing background in fitness and yoga. She considers New York City, and Corpus Christi Texas her original hometowns, but loves Los Angeles. 

Maxine started her first yoga training in 2017 at the Ashram of Shri Yogi Hari Sampoorna, studying intensive Hatha Yoga. As she continued to study yoga, she also incorporated her years of expert fitness instruction which she holds certifications in group fitness through ACE, and Spinning through Mad Dogg Athletics.

What makes Maxine so unique is how she is able to merge her years of fitness instruction with her training in yoga and many other mindbody methods of self empowerment to enhance every aspect of her students' lives. 


She says that Pranayama is one of the most important aspects to her teaching to establish the internal and universal connection in our practice. She blends Hatha, Vnyassa flow and principles of Anusara alignment to create a light-hearted class, starting with a strong foundation. 

Her path to yoga came started in her mid 60s. I was running by Yoga NoHo Center and stopped in. I had been to other studios and tried yoga but it was sporadic only for a few months. Yoga NoHo Center emitted peace and stillness, and refuge. She felt the sense of community here and knew this was where she needed to commit to a practice.


Maxine in her words of healing:

At that time I was suffering from chronic insomnia, a detached vitreous in my right eye. I had experienced personal losses, and grief seemed to haunt me. I began to do 2-3 classes several times a week. I had a lot to work through.I had allow change from the inside out. I cried a lot in the first year but I began to sleep. My serious eye problem resolved. I worked through those emotions. I knew I had found my yoga home I believe yoga helps us to unlearn, before we can learn

Maxine is a testament to the healing and ageless effects of a regular yoga practice. In her spare time, she enjoys several types of workouts, taking yoga daily, writing music and playing rhythm guitar. She is a libra, so she is always thinking about the balance in everything and seeks to find the good and beauty, even in a challenging situation in everyone.