Joshua Tree Retreat
March 2022!

March 19th, 20th 21st

A weekend of Kundalini Yoga, breath and meditation with time for relaxation, hiking and swimming. Vegetarian and Vegan chef Kat will provide delicious healthy meals.  2 nights lodging, 3 meals yoga sessions, drum circle and soundbath all included for $430.

Space is Limited:

This is the 10th Annual Head to Heart Retreat.  Come spend the weekend with us getting out of your head and back into the awesome power of your heart center. For all information and to book, Please Reach Out to Chutney Berry!

Email Chutney Berrry ASAP to Book


Mysore, India

Spring 2022 (info coming soon)

We are excited to partner with Swami Deva Arhato ( Shashi ) a Yogi, tantrica and  shaman and Founder of the Nirvana Yoga Shala in Mysore, India. Find out how you can study in India. You can book a two week or one month retreat.


We also offer 300 hr teacher training too. You can take the whole 300 hour or take 100 hours in India and finish the rest of the 300 hour at our Yoga NoHo Center studio.

New to traveling to India? Have questions? Karen Russell who is one of our owners of the Yoga NoHo Center has been to both his centers in Mysore and truly recommends this as the number one spot to study in India. You can reach out to Karen too.

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Create Your Retreat

Create a Corporate Retreat

At the Yoga NoHo Center, we have partnerships with many retreats spaces that are local or in select areas of the world. 

Looking to create your own retreat with friends and family? We can provide the complete service of creating a retreat that is perfect for you!

All you would have to do is contact us, allow at least 6 months ahead so we can arrange the retreat center, teachers, and meals. And we will arrange your special retreat. 

This is perfect for any occasion, why not a special private yoga retreat!  Contact Donna Davis to get started. 

Retreat to Mysore India with Yoga NoHo Center Students
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