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How to Stop Being So Hard on Yourself

w/Mandy Sciacchitano

"How to Stop Being so Hard on Yourself"  is a workshop where you will learn where negative self-talk comes from, what purpose that it serves, and a 4-step process on how you can start turning down the volume on your inner critic and ditching the “not good enough” story so that you can live a life of confidence.

In the workshop we will also explore how to distinguish unhealthy negative self-talk from healthy self-awareness, and you will receive some tools and tricks to release perfectionism and people-pleasing. Come with a pencil and paper and be prepared to participate in a short meditation.   


About Mandy: Mandy is a certified life coach by the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and a certified Hungry for Happiness coach for women who struggle with chronic dieting, binge eating, and negative body image.