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Yoga Photography @ Yoga NoHo

$50; 1/4 Hour
w/ Noah Lee Margetts

What you will receive in your session: 1/4 hour (15 minutes) in a professionally lit photo set-up within a yoga studio. The focus is on capturing both a portrait & a full body/Yoga pose image. However, the time is yours to capture what you wish. All images taken during your shoot will be made available via WeTransfer or DropBox, whichever you prefer, at the end of the shoot day. Images are lightly treated in order to maximize their impact. However, if you would like further retouching, please let me know. For those who would like more time, consecutive sessions can be booked with a discount.

You will be contacted by Noah prior to the shoot to review your intention for the images you would like to create.

Email for more info.