New to Yoga? We are here to guide you through! 

What class should I take?
Our teaching staff has years of experience and can provide modifications to suit any level of student. If you are new to yoga then we suggest yo start with Hatha , Gentle, Yin, Restorative, Kundalini, Hot Yin, and Hot Gentle Flow, as these classes will allow you to focus on alignment to build a strong foundation to flow. 

Is yoga for everyone? Yes.  It doesn’t matter your age, gender, color, shape or size… there is something here for you. Even if you feel you want to rest in class when you are first starting you can rest in child's pose. When you come into class, be sure to tell the instructor that you are new to yoga so that they can give you the best possible experience. We take pride in only hiring established teachers who can provide modifications while teaching any level of class. 

What is Far Infrared Heated Classes? Far Infrared Heat is the superior heat experience. This is radiant light that creates a cleaner, anti- bacterial and more detoxifying heat source. Enjoy smart flow, gentle and Yin (deep stretch) classes while detoxifying the body 25% more than regular hot yoga offerings. 

What should I wear and bring to yoga? Wear comfortable workout clothes that will allow movement of the body. For the barre- dance class, please bring a non-street fitness shoe. Please bring a mat (we rent mats for $2 and sell pro mats) water bottle (we sell and provide filtered water) and a smile in your heart!

Is it safe to practice if I am pregnant?
Absolutely, but if in doubt, please consult your doctor or midwife prior to taking a class. If you prefer to take a regular yoga class and not one of our prenatal classes, be sure to let the teacher know you are pregnant so they can help you make the appropriate modifications.

Your Yoga Checklist
  • Know that you will be taken care of by our team of professionals
  • Arrive 15 minutes early to fill out new student paperwork & settle in.

  • Check in with the front desk before each class and sign in.

  • Take off your shoes before entering the room.

  • Turn off cell phones and other gadgets before entering the studio.  

  • No food or drink other than water is permitted in the studio.

  • Let your teacher know if you have any injuries before class begins.

  • Keep voices down while classes are in session.

  • Refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes so others can breathe easy.

  • Form fitting work out clothes are highly recommended.

  • Bring a yoga mat and water. We offer both mat and water for purchase.

  • If you need to leave class early, please let your teacher know and do so before the final resting pose (savasana).

  • No Refunds or Extensions on our new student special.


I started to take class at the Yoga NoHo Center in April of 2018. The Center has been the sacred place for me and my wife. Since March of 2020 it has made us both realized just how much we love the community, authentic classes and the compassion we have always received from the team at Yoga NoHo Center. We just downloaded our first on demand yoga class and it was fantastic. We appreciate Karen and Michelle offering both online streaming and now the on demand classes. Thank you! Can't wait to be back at the studio!

Michael Rush / Retired Entrepreneur

I am a mother of two very active young boys and it was time for some me time. My friend recommended the Yoga NoHo Center because they offer both the new hot infrared classes and traditional yoga classes. I was brand new to yoga and they suggested to take at least one private lesson. I actually bought their 4 pack and I am glad I did because Karen actually took extra time with me, even after my four lessons and guided me through the first few months of taking public classes. Now one year later, I can't believe how much my life has changed for the absolute better. Thank you to all the teachers at the Yoga NoHo Center!

Janet Wright / Stay Home Mom

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